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Dr. Janice M. Vian, Registered Psychologist, CRHSP                  #210 1608 17th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2T 0E3
B.Ed., M.A. (Education), Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)                 e-mail:   website:

My experience has included over seven years of part-time employment with the Emergency Psychiatric Assessment Service of Calgary’s former Holy Cross Hospital, where I was trained to do crisis assessments and interventions. I worked in this position during the years that I was taking my doctoral degree, and I feel that I was very fortunate to have been able to form my clinical skills while simultaneously receiving both front line practical training, and a formal academic education in psychology.

This summary of my work history is intended as a professional introduction, and to provide a description of the range of my work, both to clients and to referring professionals. I have been a registered psychologist since 1983, and have been in private practice since completing my Ph.D. degree in Clinical, School, and Community Psychology, in 1988. I intentionally try to practice as a generalist, as I enjoy the interactions among the various sub-disciplines of psychology, and I believe that these interactions benefit both my clients and myself, as they provoke me to be thoughtful, creative, and versatile.

My psychological training had been preceded by an earlier career in education, in which I had worked for several years as a teacher and school counsellor. This background in education oriented my early psychological training toward the vocational and school counselling field, but after I had completed the Master’s level coursework and a thesis proposal in counselling psychology, I transferred to a program in clinical psychology. Thus, I have competencies in vocational and school related assessments, and I am also experienced and comfortable with clinical and crisis work. My courses have included training both in cognitive and behavioral techniques, so that I have special training relevant to depression, grief processes, anger and anxiety disorders such as fears, phobias and postpartum distress, as well as sexual, marital and family problems, alcohol or substance abuse, and reactions to trauma and stress, including symptoms related to past histories of abuse.

I make myself available to my clients by providing accessible phone numbers on my card and in my letterhead, as I make every effort to provide crisis management, as well as general psychological services. Treatment generally involves the discovery of the sources of problems, often from clients’ past histories, and subsequent work oriented toward prevention of similar problems, which is deliberately planned with the client. I am willing to undertake urgent work on a priority basis. I freely offer consultative assistance to other professionals, partly to express my gratitude to the mentors and friends who provided such assistance to me, and partly because I enjoy communicating with others in our joint and overlapping fields of expertise.

Despite my efforts to be a general practitioner in psychology, over the years that I have practiced, I have developed certain specialties. I am experienced in the assessment and treatment of attention deficit disorders, and many other disorders which can be described both in medical and in psychological terms. I have pursued and extended my knowledge of pharmacology, which I acquired first in my job in Emergency Assessment.  I often work in the interface between medicine and psychology, which I feel is required in order to do good work with cases involving chronic pain, psychological and physical consequences of trauma, peri-menopausal and PMS conditions, and also with many relatively rare conditions, such as anxiety episodes of phobic intensity, problems which involve automatic or seemingly involuntary behaviors, and post-concussion syndromes.

I have also done legal work, although the amount of such work has varied greatly. I have treated young offenders and done assessments ordered by Youth Court, as well as assessments of inmates of Bowden Institution, which were done for the Parole Board of Corrections Canada. I have also done pre-adoption studies of couples, and assessments in relation custody/access matters. I have been qualified several times in Court of Queen’s Bench, as an expert in psychological assessment and diagnosis, and also with regard to the nature of infant attachment or ‘bonding’.  The expert opinion on this subject which I submitted to Court of Queen’s Bench in the so-called “Baby ‘M’ Case,” in 1993, was upheld through several appeals, including a final appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, and it was quoted in the published Reasons for Judgment.